New eBook Series: Materials and Energy

New eBook Series: Materials and Energy

UCLA now offers online access to the ebook series Materials and Energy. This series focuses on capturing advances at the forefront of energy-related materials research, and has articles written by leading physicists, chemists, biologists and engineers.

The collection features case studies illustrating advances in energy-related materials research. It highlights issues around creating sustainable technologies and improvements in creating cleaner, cheaper, smaller and more efficient energy technologies, and focuses on materials-based solutions to the energy problem.

The following are included in this series:

Volume 8

Thin Films on Silicon

Edited by: Vijay Narayanan (IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center, USA), Martin M Frank (IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center, USA), Alexander A Demkov (The University of Texas at Austin, USA)

Volume 7

The WSPC Reference on Organic Electronics: Organic Semiconductors

Edited by: Jean-Luc Bredas (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia & Georgia Institute of Technology, USA), Seth R Marder (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Volume 6

Handbook of Solid State Batteries. 2nd Edition

Edited by: Nancy J Dudney (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA), William C West(Nagoya University, Japan), Jagjit Nanda (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)

Volume 5

Handbook of Green Materials

Edited by: Kristiina Oksman (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden), Aji P Mathew(Luleå University of Technology, Sweden), Alexander Bismarck (Vienna University of Technology, Austria), Orlando Rojas (North Carolina State University, USA), Mohini Sain (University of Toronto, Canada)

Volume 4

Materials for Biofuels

Edited by: Arthur J Ragauskas (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Volume 3

The World Scientific Handbook of Energy

Edited by: Gerard M Crawley (University of South Carolina, USA)

Volume 1 & 2

Handbook of Instrumentation and Techniques for Semiconductor Nanostructure Characterization

Edited by: Richard Haight (IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA), Frances M Ross(IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA), James B Hannon (IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA)

By Sara Bond, SEL Reference Desk Assistant

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