MD Consult no longer available

The Library would like to make you aware of the termination of a textbook and journal resource, MD Consult, as of December 31, 2014. Elsevier Clinical Solutions, the parent company to this resource, has transformed the product into Clinical Key – a resource that is broader in scope and thus comes with a much higher price point. Since early 2014, the six UC medical campus libraries have been in discussion with Elsevier for continued access to the medical texts and full-text journals only. The UC health sciences libraries desired a targeted package of high quality medical texts and e-journals that were not offered by Elsevier in any of its other product lines.

Unfortunately, Elsevier is not interested or willing to negotiate an educationally focused package with the resources identified by the UCs. The UCLA Library does not wish to license a package with unnecessary content at a price point beyond our budget capabilities.

Fortunately, we have other textbook platforms/resources (e.g., Access Medicine, STAT!Ref, Ovid, etc.). Only one of the core required texts for the DGSOM Block curriculum was included in MD Consult. The library will be pursuing electronic book content from third party vendors where available or print versions if necessary to replace the books we previously subscribed to through MD Consult.

We would like to be able to purchase only the best content to support our curricula for a reasonable price. These challenges with Elsevier are, at the core, issues of selectivity and sustainability.

If you have further questions about this resource or any questions about the library, please do not hesitate to contact me. I anticipate that company representatives may reach out to some of our faculty authors related to this discussion. Please feel free to refer them back to the library and to Rikke Ogawa.