Letter from University Librarian, Ginny Steel- Spring 2018

Dear Donors and Supporters of the UCLA Library,

I suspect that if you ask me what my favorite time of year is, my answer would always correspond with the current season. But spring really is my favorite, because of the many wonderful and exciting events that happen every year at this time in the UCLA Library.

One is our annual event celebrating members of the Powell Society, where guests visited the Library “after hours.” As miniature therapy horses featured in our “Stressbusters” initiative roamed the lobby, guests viewed rare special collection treasures, chatted with expert librarians, saw dynamic transformations in library spaces, and traveled around the world via global projects. It was a great pleasure to meet and thank the many members of our premier group of donors and to watch them experience our most innovative, inspiring programs.

Another is our upcoming UCLA Library Prize for Undergraduate Research award ceremony, when we not only present awards to students for stellar research papers and projects but also listen to their professors shower them with well-deserved praise. There’s also Bruin Day, when newly admitted students throng campus to discover their soon-to-be new home, including in the campus libraries. And the season culminates with graduation, filled with a mixture of joy and anticipation, of one goal accomplished and larger goals ahead.

It’s also the time of year when we’re working on the Library’s budget, which reminds us all how very grateful we are to our many generous donors for their continuing support. Whether it’s to expand our peer inquiry specialists to undergraduate courses beyond the general education clusters, purchase new titles for use in student and faculty research and teaching, or space enhancements that create more, and more comfortable, study spaces, all of these rely in part on your gifts.

I hope we’ll see you at the Prize for Undergraduate Research award ceremony on May 24. I look forward to welcoming you and thanking you in person, and I know our distinguished award recipients would love to tell you about their achievements and how the Library made them possible.

If you can’t visit in person, I hope to connect with you via our newly reinvigorated Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites. There we’ll share stories from students and faculty, hidden treasures from our collections, upcoming events that may be of interest, and much more. I hope to meet you there!

Virginia Steel

Norman and Armena Powell University Librarian