Letter from University Librarian, Ginny Steel- Spring 2017

Dear Donors and Supporters of the UCLA Library, 
I’m delighted to share news about recent changes in the Library’s senior staff. Our revamped structure will enable us to create, in the words of our strategic plan, “a vibrant nexus of ideas, resources, expertise, and spaces in which users illuminate solutions for local and global challenges.”
Judy Consales has become associate university librarian for user engagement, coordinating librarywide services and facilities that support instruction, learning, and research. In this new structure, librarians and staff from the Arts, Biomedical, Management, Music, Powell, Research, and Science and Engineering libraries form teams to work with undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and researchers across campus. Judy’s background in mentoring and preparing librarians for the future and re-conceptualizing and leveraging new roles positions her perfectly for her new responsibilities.
As associate university librarian for special collections and international studies, Sharon Farb manages the units that enhance and unlock our rare and unique materials. Sharon’s national leadership on the role of the public research library in organizing and preserving knowledge gives her the depth and breadth needed for this position. Use of UCLA Library Special Collections increases every year, as do opportunities to collect in new areas and formats. In addition, UCLA’s growing interdisciplinary programs in East Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Slavic/Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands rely on our regional collections and specialized expertise. In response, we plan to expand capacity both physically and virtually. 
These structural changes place the UCLA Library in a strong position to advance the university’s mission of research, education, and public service. Throughout these pages you’ll find examples of how we do that on a daily basis throughout the Library.
Yet we need additional resources to fully implement our strategic plan, and I invite you to play a role by making an investment in our collections, services for students and faculty, facilities, and technology. Your support will empower and inspire communities of scholars and learners to discover, access, create, share, and preserve knowledge. Thank you very much for your continued generosity!
Virginia Steel
University Librarian