Letter from University Librarian, Ginny Steel- Fall 2018

Photograph of UCLA University Librarian, Ginny SteelDear Donors and Supporters of the UCLA Library,

You’ve no doubt seen the toll that humidity, heat, and the passage of years take on your own valued family photographs and documents. So imagine the toll on collections worldwide, especially for organizations struggling to preserve culturally significant records with inadequate financial resources, no climate-controlled facilities, or limited experience with digital preservation.

This critical situation inspired us to develop Documenting Global Voices, our new initiative to preserve and digitize at-risk cultural heritage worldwide, funded by Arcadia with a gift of $5.5 million (see the Library News article).

The UCLA Library’s status as a global leader in digital collections and preservation enables us to make a major contribution on the international level to making knowledge more widely accessible, and we are grateful to Arcadia for its generous support.

We view this new program as the epitome of UCLA’s public service mission to work for the betterment of our global society. While providing UCLA’s students and faculty with access to the rare and unique primary resources their work requires, we will also make materials that might otherwise remain hidden or even disappear into dust available to current and future generations around the world.

UCLA’s continued excellence as we approach our second century of service is all but assured with the announcement that the campus Centennial Campaign goal of $4.2 billion has been reached a full sixteen months early.

When the campaign was launched, the Library set an ambitious $52 million fundraising goal to continue to build collections, better serve students and faculty, and evolve our spaces to meet campus needs. I am proud to say that we have raised 62% of our goal, and I am confident that with your support we will reach our goal in time for UCLA’s centennial celebration.

I see the impact of your gifts each and every day when our libraries are filled with students and scholars; when our website attracts larger and larger audiences from around the world; and when we’re able to offer collections and services that lead to breakthroughs in classrooms, laboratories, and studios across campus.

I hope you’ll visit the Library soon to see the impact of your gift in person, and I look forward to welcoming you and thanking you personally.

Ginny Steel

Norman and Armena Powell University Librarian

Image of Ginny Steel's signature