An Inside Look: Preservation

Behind the Scenes at the Preservation Center, the UCLA Library’s inaugural virtual donor event, featured the Library’s in-house team of conservation and preservation experts. Presented in June, it was the first in an ongoing series of virtual events designed to give donors an inside look at significant projects in a variety of areas. 





  1. Chela Metzger, head of Conservation and Preservation, detailed her work on a book from 1752, Me-‘am lo’ez hele k shelishi sefer, a biblical commentary in Ladino vernacular published for Sephardic Jews in diaspora.



  1. After assessing the object’s condition, Metzger’s work included cleaning the surface, mending tears, and fixing worm damage, all with the goal of stabilizing the book so it could be safely handled by researchers, while maintaining “all evidence of original use and production.”








  1. David Pablo Boder, a Latvian-born psychologist, was the first person to document the experiences of Holocaust survivors in their own voices. Some of his materials, like this film of New York Harbor in 1936, are part of the UCLA Library’s collections.







  1. Boder’s work, which had been recorded on a variety of formats, including spools of wire like this one, was preserved by Yasmin Dessem, head of the Audiovisual Preservation Studio. Dessem explained the preservation and digitization process and played clips from the digitized recordings for attendees.









5. In 2017, UC Santa Barbara Art, Design, and Architecture Museum borrowed Glorious Struggle, a sumi ink painting on silk by Japanese American artist Chiura Obata, which hung in Library Special Collections. Hannah Moshier, digitization and loan coordinator, described how she prepared the painting for exhibition. 










  1. UCLA Chancellor Franklin Murphy received Glorious Struggle in front of what is now the Young Research Library in 1965. Pictured with Murphy (right) are presumed to be members of the Japanese American Citizen League, who donated the painting.





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