ICPSR Data Fair 2016: September 26-29, 2016

ICPSR - Navigating the Data (R)Evolution!


Data are everywhere! There are big data, little data, organic data, data by design, public - and restricted-use data, in all kinds of formats and shared from all kinds of places. It's a fascinating and challenging time to be in the data sharing space.

In addition to an evolving external data environment, ICPSR is evolving internally. Maggie Levenstein began her term as ICPSR's new director on July 1, 2016; ICPSR is in the midst of updating its data enterprise system improving its ingest, curation, sharing, and preservation process from end to end; and, the ICPSR website has been refreshed to improve usability no matter the device. In addition, ICPSR is hosting a number of new data collections and datasets, looking for collaboration opportunities, and continuing to push to credit researchers for their data deposits by increasing the research impact of their data.

ICPSR's 2016 Data Fair aims to introduce, engage, and help the data community manage through the ongoing Data (R)Evolution. Come join us for one, some, or all of the ICPSR 2016 Data Fair!