Driving Student Success with Innovative Research

IT’S BEEN SAID that “No one graduates from the Library, but no one graduates without one either.” Whether students spend hours studying in quiet corners or rely primarily on electronic resources for answers, the UCLA Library impacts everyone on campus. They depend on the Library’s extensive collections, flexible spaces, and specialized expertise to guide them through the research process and give them the tools to develop discoveries.
UCLA’s annual Undergraduate Research Week highlights the remarkable work being done at the undergraduate level. At the June 2016 event, several students talked about the role the Library played in the success of their research projects.
Research requires a lot of concentration, and working in an environment of other studious students helps keep me motivated and focused. The UCLA Library’s online resources are easy access, but I appreciate having access to additional sources, like books, when looking for information.
—Brian Wong, Biology
Without the assistance from the UCLA Library, my research project would not have been possible! I conducted an extensive literature review by using the library’s online journals and traditional books. The one-on-one support from librarians helped me discover even more sources for my paper. I am extremely appreciative of the Library, which has been vital to my undergraduate success.
—Gina Phillipi, Political Science
The Library has been my second home since freshman year. With online access to journals and databases, I am able to view primary sources easily when I am writing research papers at 3 a.m. from home. Computers equipped with sophisticated software have helped me to draw out complicated models and experimental approaches used in my project. The Library has helped me excel in every aspect of my research!
—Tiffany Lim, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology