Digital Library Program: Newly Published

UCLA Library’s Digital Library Program (DLP) is publishing collections on an upgraded interface where you can explore and engage with thousands of our rare and unique holdings. When we digitize and showcase collections online, even those that were acquired many years ago come to new light and are available to a wider audience of researchers.

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The Richard and Dion Neutra collection features correspondence, photographs, travel sketches, architectural drawings, and more.


Travel sketch of a church in Antigua by Neutra, 1957.

Architectural drawing of the Beard House in Altadena, 1947.

Neutra on the balcony at the Lovell Health House in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.

Donn Borcherdt was a composer and pianist who received a BA in composition and conducting and MA in ethnomusicology from UCLA. The collection, held by the Ethnomusicology Archive, contains field research from Borcherdt’s trips to Mexico and Chile in the 1960s.


Mexico — Vihuela ensemble and villagers, between 1960–1964.

Borcherdt conducting field recording in Mexico.

Mexico — musical ensemble, between 1960–1964.