Digital Library Program: Newly Published

UCLA Library’s Digital Library Program (DLP) is publishing collections on an upgraded interface at, where you can explore and engage with thousands of our rare and unique holdings. By digitizing and showcasing collections online, even those that were acquired many years ago come to new light and are available to a wider audience of researchers.

The Walter L. Gordon, Jr./William C. Beverly, Jr. Collection includes photos given to Walter by his former boss, Charlotta Bass, publisher of the California Eagle, and largely depict African American social life and family life in 1940s Los Angeles.



Diplomat Ralph J. Bunche being feted at local activist Bea DeVaughn’s house, Los Angeles, 1949











Marva Louis, big band singer and wife of heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis, in a crowd of sailors, Los Angeles, 1940s



The Takamura Collection, acquired in 1974, includes drawings and watercolors done by Japanese artist Kango Takamura while he was incarcerated at an internment camp in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Manzanar, California during World War II.



Saturday afternoon looking south from block 8, May 1943







“Mochi-Tsuki. Making rice cakes. New Year custom”







The Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee was created in 1942 to support a group of Mexican American men who were wrongly convicted for the murder of a man named José Diaz. This collection includes the group’s correspondence, publications, publicity materials, and other records.


Ysmael Parra, Gus Zamora and John Matuz with family members














 Sleepy Lagoon defendants leaving Hall of Justice