Davise Fund Projects 2020/21

The Hugo and Christine Davise Fund for Contemporary Music is administered by the UCLA Music Library to support contemporary music in any genre. 

In recent years, the UCLA Music Library has commissioned composers (for example, Wadada Leo Smith and Anthony Cheung), supported residencies (Yarn/Wire and Wild Up), and helped fund recordings (Modulation Necklace: New Music from Armenia). The Library's goal is to support projects that might not otherwise happen. This year, the Music Library is pleased to announce support for this incredible slate of music studies projects at UCLA. 

  • George Lewis commission for Bent Frequency Duo, led by Jan Berry Baker, UCLA Associate Professor of Saxophone. This project will initiate a commission of a 10-15 minute piece for saxophone and percussion by George Lewis. This work will be premiered in Fall 2022 at UCLA and subsequently on a tour of California and the southeastern United States.

George Lewis

George Lewis

  •  LGBTQ and Undocumented Communities commission, led by In Seo (Chris) Cho, UCLA master of music student in cello performance. This project will commission works that amplify the voices of both the LGBTQ and undocumented communities. In representing these marginalized voices through the frame of Western classical performance, this project aims to celebrate the artistry that these communities have to offer. 


  • Musics from Around the World: Southern California Composers in Concert, organized by the World Music Center at UCLA. This concert series will spotlight contemporary global artists within the UCLA Ethnomusicology alumnae/i community and throughout Southern California.

Christopher Adler playing the khaen

Composer, performer, and improvisor Christopher Adler playing the khaen

Image: Lauren Sharon

  • The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra Composers Score Book Series, led members of the Arkestra, including Fundi Legohn, Jesse Sharps, Mekala Session, Ajay Ravi, and Samuel Lamontagne, UCLA ethnomusicology Ph.D. student. This project will lead to the publication of music scores by prominent Ark composers Horace Tapscott, Jesse Sharps, Ernest Straughter and Lester Robinson.

Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra

The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra

  • South Side Symphony Fusion Showcase, led by Marcus Norris, UCLA music Ph.D. student in composition. This recording project will showcase collaborations with emerging musicians in an R&B and Concert Music fusion style. 


South Side Symphony

  • Untitled Animated Short Film & New Compositional work, led by Shana Redmond, UCLA Professor of Musicology and Global Jazz Studies. This project will initiate a commission for a new work written & composed by Samora Pinderhughes, Shana L. Redmond, Sarah Haley, and Zoe Samudzi. It explores both the histories and futures of Black resistance and revolution. Drawing on musical, visual, and written touchstones of the Black Radical Tradition, the film follows in the tradition of scholar Saadiya Hartman's concept of “critical fabulation” and creates a weaving narrative of animated scenes contrasting both every day and spectacular moments of refusal against systems of U.S. racial capitalism. 


  • Women’s Labor, led by Jocelyn Ho, UCLA Assistant Professor of Music . Women’s Labor is a feminist project that uses embedded technologies to transform domestic tools into new electronic musical instruments, to interrogate the issue of gender inequality. Traditionally relegated to the private sphere, domesticity is recast in a new light through public engagement and performative spectacle. This project will support instrument fabrication, performance and installation. 

Women's Labor image

Women's Labor