Celebrating the Library's 2021 Graduates

Please join the UCLA Library in congratulating the class of 2021, and especially our graduating Library employees! As one of the largest student employers on campus, we are indebted to the talented Bruins working in many roles across our Library ecosystem. Some of our graduates –Graphic reading "Celebrating Our UCLA Library 2021 Graduates" in front of a photo of UCLA Powell Library including full-time staff members completing advanced degrees this year – have shared their favorite memory of working for the Library. Congrats, #UCLA2021 grads!

Sarah Andre
M.P.P, Public Policy
Charles E. Young Research Library

Jacy Black 
B.A., Psychology 
Powell Library
"Playing 'Among Us' with the Cluster Inquiry Specialists team was one of my favorite memories. Several librarians were hopelessly confused by the game, and we were all shocked when our kind and supportive supervisor, Alicia Reiley, proved to be the most murderous of us all! I am so grateful for the past three years with such a supportive team of friends and colleagues. It has been a privilege to learn, grow and laugh alongside you all."

Rachel Boehl 
M.M., Music Performance 
Music Library 

Kian T. Carson 
B.A., Economics / Geography / GIS&T
Charles E. Young Research Library
"It's hard to say because I was only in YRL for three months prior to the pandemic, but I really enjoyed arriving at YRL early in the morning where I would start my day by sorting and filing the maps which people left out from the day before. One time my coworker and I came across these detailed historical maps from the Civil War showing troop movements by the hour at many of the major battles. That day was definitely not one of the most productive days I had working with the map collections."

J.W. Clark
B.A., Musicology
Arts Library

Jessica Craig
M.L.I.S., Information Studies
Arts Library
"I remember how excited I was on my first day of training. I was blown away by how amazing the arts collections, librarians, and fellow student workers were and that I got to be a part of it all! I still hold that gratitude when looking back and cherish the amazing time I had learning from everyone. Thanks to Diana, Robert, Janine, Alex, and Stef for the many great memories!"

Cymfenee Dean-Phifer
B.S., Computational and Systems Biology
Science and Engineering Library
My favorite memory is definitely being interviewed for a College Magazine article!"

Danya Elgebaly
B.S., Cognitive Science and Digital Humanities
Library Communications
"Although I was unfortunately never able to work for UCLA Library in person, my favorite part was definitely the people and the friendly environment. Getting to work on such cool campaigns, particularly during the Library's social media consolidation, was such an integral part of my experience and my learning moving forward. I'll never forget the first phone call I received informing me that I got the job at the beginning of the pandemic when I was all the way home in Cairo, Egypt!"

Anusha Goyal 
B.A., Geography; International Development Studies
Charles E. Young Research Library
“GIS Day 2019 was really fun!”

Jackeline Herrera
M.L.I.S., Library and Information Science
Center for Primary Research and Training
"Although remotely, it was wonderful working with the amazing staff at UCLA Library Special Collections and learning so much from them.”

Khyla Rie Horton
M.A., African American Studies
Library Special Collections
"Being able to listen through many of the artists I grew up listening to on the SOUL tapes, and becoming re-inspired by their takes as Black musicians in the social world we are still navigating through."

Alan Lee 
M.M., Violin Performance
Music Library

Alice Lu
B.S., Society and Genetics / B.A., Sociology
Powell Library
“Meeting with students in Inq Lab 1 and being able to share a space with so many other people all working on different projects.”

Syan Lunsford
M.L.I.S., Information Studies
Digital Library Program / Charles E. Young Research Library
"Having the unwavering support of my supervisors to push for the values we want to see in the Library and starting the Wall of Pets at YRL!"

Keven Michel
B.A., Classics and Digital Humanities
Science and Engineering Library
“Months into the pandemic when I realized I left my coffee mug in my locker at Geology.”

Grace Muñoz
M.L.I.S., Information Studies 
Library Special Collections
“Discussing my CFPRT work with Shira at the Society of California Archivists Annual General Meeting. Plus, being able to work with and meet so many amazing people at LSC!”

Joaquin Peres
M.L.I.S., Information Studies
Digital Library Program
“I had a wonderful introduction to UCLA's Digital Library collections and the DLP's work through my first project: Creating metadata for, and stitching together, audio transfers of Cuban news and culture programming from one of the country's largest radio stations in the 1950s (CMQ).  Listening to contemporary advertisements and absorbing the political landscape of Havana in the years before the 26th of July Movement's revolution, and tracing the changes in that landscape through the immediate post-revolutionary period, was an incredible experience; knowing that my work identifying speakers and programs (many of whom were political operatives with little American/English-language documentation) might help researchers explore that period in new detail was something special, too. And anything to do with the Frontera Collection was always a pleasure!”

Katherine Ramirez
M.L.I.S., Information Studies
Powell Library / Digital Library Program
"Beyond thankful for the past two years with the UCLA libraries. The experience has been amazing and everyone has been absolutely lovely to work with. Thank you all!" 

Serena Alexandra Rodholm
M.L.I.S, Information Studies
Center for Oral History Research
“Reading through various transcripts and listening to the audio of amazing individuals has grown my understanding of the achievements and difficulties of others and shown to me the importance of oral histories.”

Garrett Anthony Romero 
M.L.I.S., Informatics, Information Studies
Campus Library Instructional Computing Commons (CLICC)
The colleagues who became work family.” 

A. Slater
M.L.I.S., Information Studies
Center for Oral History Research
“My favorite memory of working in the Center for Oral History Research is the generosity of the people in my department in sharing their knowledge and the trust they placed in me as a student worker. The COHR has been a wonderful work environment and an excellent space to learn about this particular area of Special Collections. It helped me in my studies to work with special library materials. Thank you, Jane and Teresa!”

Coral Smith
B.A., Communication
Campus Library Instructional Computing Commons (CLICC)
“I loved the CLICC Olympics, it was a friendly competition that ended up being really fun!”

Julia Tanenbaum
M.L.I.S., Information Studies
Charles E. Young Research Library
"I have deeply appreciated my time at YRL, but I was especially excited to help plan and record the virtual event "Robot is 100!" to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Czech play R.U.R and the word "robot." I am a huge science fiction fan and really enjoyed working with Alena Aissing and the Czech Consulate to plan the event, learn more about the history of science fiction around the world and hear from speakers like award-winning writer Alvaro Zinos-Amaro."

Jake Tompkins 
M.L.I.S., Information Studies 
Digital Library Program 
"I really enjoyed having a chance to share the collection enhancement project at the Library Research Forum with all of my colleagues at DLP! It was so validating afterward to hear such great feedback from so many well-respected folks with the UCLA Library."

Princess Udeh 
B.A., Anthropology 
Biomedical Library
"My favorite memory of working at the UCLA Library was the outreach meetings I had with Ibraheem, Renee, Kate, and Antonia. I love being able to discuss how we're all doing and making jokes together. I also enjoyed learning Topia with my team as we were prepping for the Grad Resource Fair."

Stefanie Williams 
M.L.I.S., Information Studies  
Arts Library 
"My favorite part of working at UCLA Library is getting to know all my future colleagues in the field. I've made many wonderful connections with such a diverse group of people. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work alongside individuals who are equally as passionate as I am about the importance of upholding and maintaining library resources for the greater good, and the possibilities that they ignite within the community here at UCLA."

Hanna Olivia Young 
B.A., World Arts and Cultures
Powell Library
"This is a weird one, I'll be honest with you... When we were in person in the Inquiry Lab, I used to "save" spiders that found their way into Powell - I'd catch them and bring them outside. One day, there was a particularly large spider that needed saving, and when I picked him up, a ton of people in the lab freaked out when they saw him. Meanwhile, I was thrilled that I got to save another little guy, so I was eagerly showing him to everyone."