2020 UCLA Library Prize for Undergraduate Research and Research Poster Prize Winners

2020 UCLA Library Prize for Undergraduate Research and Research Poster Prize WinnersDuring UCLA's Undergraduate Research Week, the Library Prize for Undergraduate Research recognizes and honors excellence in undergraduate research at UCLA. This year, five outstanding scholars are being recognized for their use of Library resources in for a research paper or course project. New this year is the Library Research Poster Prize. Two undergraduates were selected from more than 100 applicants presenting during the Undergraduate Research Showcase

These seven prize winners were revealed throughout the week of May 18 to 22. Their accomplishments were also recognized during the Undergraduate Research Week Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 22. 

Science, Engineering, and Math ($700)
Researcher: Yihuan Huang '21 
Project title: Lack of Robustness of Lasso and Group Lasso with Categorical Predictors: Impact of Coding Strategy on Variable Selection and Prediction (bit.ly/2LErJVh)
Faculty sponsor: Amanda Montoya, Department of Psychology

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences ($700)
Researcher: Angela Maddahi '20
Project title: God, Allah and The Stones of Time (bit.ly/2WKZU3W)
Faculty sponsor: Jeremy Smoak, Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences ($700)
Researcher: Yuling Wang '21
Project title: Privacy and Its Discontent: The Evolution of the Privacy Protection in China (bit.ly/3cPU0UW)
Faculty sponsor: Steve Zipperstein, Global Studies program

Best Use of Library Special Collections Resources ($500)
Researcher: Sarah El Massry '20
Project title: Pedabody - The Body as Educational Instrument (bit.ly/2Tj3AI7)
Faculty sponsor: David Garcia, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

Best Project on Music After 1900 ($350)
Researcher: Kian Ravaei '22
Project title: Advertisements (bit.ly/3cNW1kg)
Faculty sponsor: David S. Lefkowitz, Herb Alpert School of Music

Library Research Poster Prize for Science, Engineering, and Math ($250)
Researcher: Kiumars Edalati '20 
Project title: Environmental DNA as a Tool For Assessing Microbial Diversity & Ecological Impacts by Contaminants at a Brownfield Site in Southern California
Faculty sponsor: Robert K. Wayne, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Library Research Poster Prize for Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences ($250)
Researcher: Tania Nasrollahi '21  
Project title: Ethno-Racial Boundary Making and Iranian-Identifying Americans
Faculty sponsor: Kevan Harris, Department of Sociology