2020 Election Resources at UCLA

With heightened interest in the 2020 United States elections, several UCLA campus entities have created resource hubs for the Bruin community to understand the issues, learn how to cast their votes and process the results. The content below will be updated with new links as the Library learns of any post-election  2020 UCLA Election Resourcesannouncements from campus leadership.

Processing the Election with the UCLA Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Bruins can find a calendar of election-related events and reflection spaces at UCLA as well as a range of community resources – some general, others specific; some local, others external – to provide Bruins with pre- and post-election information.

UCLA Newsroom Election Microsite
A frequently-updated and transparent portal for UCLA community resources as well as facts about the election process. Content includes stories of election engagement across campus, messages from leadership, as well as UCLA’s 2020 election faculty experts guide.

A non-partisan coalition of student organizations focused on making sure that Bruins count, by making voting easier and more accessible for everyone in the Bruin community. BruinsVote promotes civic engagement at UCLA through voter registration, voter education, and voter turnout.

University Announcements
Nov. 4: Remaining Committed to Our Values (Chancellor Gene D. Block / Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Emily A. Carter