2018 - LAUC-LA Librarian of the Year - Doug Worsham

Doug Worsham - 2018 Librarian of the YearThe Librarian of the Year Award Committee is pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s LAUC-LA Librarian of the Year Award is Doug Worsham. Doug is being recognized for his significant contribution to teaching and learning at UCLA, especially through the WI+RE program. WI+RE stands for Writing Instruction and Research Education. The program began with a grant from the Office of Instructional Development as a collaboration between the Library, the Writing Programs, the Center for Digital Humanities, and the Undergraduate Research Centers.

WI+RE hires students and trains them in pedagogical techniques, instructional design, and media production. The students work closely with Doug to create innovative tutorials to guide their fellow students through practical strategies for research and writing. Instructors have embedded WI+RE content into their CCLE courses and librarians have also used them as part of their instruction, resulting in tens of thousands of page views. WI+RE has also made a significant impact on the student employees who create the content by centering them in their own teaching and learning. One former WI+RE student wrote in her nomination that Doug had “provided the environment and training materials to help us grow beyond anything we had ever imagined.”

In addition to WI+RE, Doug has continued to shape the future of teaching and learning at UCLA through his many campus partnerships. Another highlight of the past 18 months is his work with the Center for Education, Innovation, and Learning in the Sciences’s undergraduate Learning Assistant Program and the Program for Excellence in Education and Research in the Sciences to create the STEM Collaborative Learning Center, a space for STEM majors in the Science and Engineering Library in Boelter Hall. Erin Sanders, the director of CEILS, described this pilot project as “an immediate success, with thousands of undergraduate students visiting the space to engage in collaborative instruction and learn about research resources offered through the UCLA library.”

Doug’s nomination included many other high-impact achievements and ongoing projects, such as creating digital research notebooks for the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, chairing the Instructional Enhancement Initiative Working Group on Supporting the Use of Technology in Education and its resulting report, developing the Science of Learning eBook collection, contributing to the Cross-campus Teaching Innovations Group, redesigning the Library’s public services statistics tools, and overseeing the BuildUCLA student programmers. The nominators were unanimous in their admiration of the many qualities Doug possesses that make all these achievements possible: his energy, his expertise in teaching and learning, his creativity, his passion for student growth, his leadership skills, and his ability to leverage the strengths of the people he works with into a product that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Established in 1993, the LAUC-LA Librarian of the Year Award recognizes excellence in librarianship that furthers the teaching and research mission of UCLA and responds to the intellectual, informational, and cultural needs of the university community. Candidates should embody one or more of the following: creativity, innovation, courage, leadership, and scholarship, as exemplified in achievements with the prior 12 to 18 months