2016-17 Donor Honor Roll

The UCLA Library system is ranked among the top academic research libraries in North America and continues to draw international attention for its superlative collections and innovative use of technology.
To assure the Library’s support of UCLA’s acclaimed academic and research programs, private contributions are more important than ever. We are honored to thank the individuals, foundations, and corporations whose generous philanthropy has played a vital role in the continued success of the UCLA Library during the fiscal year from July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017.
These members of the UCLA Legacy Society have included the UCLA Library in their estate plans.
Patti ‘56 and Harlan Amstutz ‘53, MD ‘56
Marion ‘50 and Kurt* Anker ‘42
Roman Anshin ‘55, MD ‘58
Jean Lisette Aroeste
Claire MBA ‘85 and Robert Bellanti MBA ‘81
Phyllis Bernard
Barbara A. Booth MLS ‘68
Alison MLS ‘70 and Wade Bunting MA ‘71, PhD ‘73
Debra K. Buteyn ‘79
Sarah Gail Buxbaum ‘87
Eric Carlson ‘76, MA ‘78
Colleen Carlton ‘76 and John O’Connor
Catherine Cleary ‘73
Katharine ‘65, MLS ‘69 and Julian Donahue
Nicole Dunn and Chris Wolski
Susan and John Ebey
Dale Fields MLS ‘75
Michael Fishbein MA ‘78, PhD ‘88
Rhonda Fleming
Patricia and William Flumenbaum
Bessie F. Gish ‘43, MA ‘47
Colleen Goetzelman
William Goodman
Judith Gray ‘64
Sandra ‘72 and Robert Hobbs ‘72
Mary MA ‘71 and James Holland
Beatrice and Julian Hopkinson
Lynn Hunt and Margaret Jacob
Kenneth Karmiole MLS ‘71
Ron Kasper ‘67, MBA ‘69
Linda and Leslie Koepplin PhD ‘71, MBA ‘77
Sarah R. Lesser
Stephen Oliver Lesser ‘61
Michelle London ‘79, MBA ‘81
Alan Mandell
Sheila Morrison
Michele ‘79 and Roderick Murphy
Gillian Neufeld ‘82, MA ‘84
Lynn and Dion Neutra
Irla ‘44, MA ‘47, PhD’53 and James* Oetzel ‘43
Shirley P.M. Olson ‘53
Stephen W. Pater MBA ‘81
Anita Marie Pfouts MA ‘80, PhD ‘03
Norman Powell ‘59
Sheena Ricchio
Hilda Rolfe ‘80
Margaret A. Ross
Rita Claire Rothman ‘70
Mary and Richard Rouse P
Marvin Rubinstein ‘53
Thomas Saito ‘70
Dallas Norman Sandy ‘67
Monika and Hanns C. Scharff MS ‘72
Todd Schiffman
Brian Schottlaender
Ruth M. Simon ‘58
Leonard D. Singer
Barbara and Arthur Spiegel ‘63
Elizabeth Stacey ‘77, MLS ‘79, MA ‘81 and W. Peter Marien
Mary Lou Steinmetz ‘48
Veda MS ‘76 and V. Varadarajan
Suebelle ‘56, MS ‘65, MPH ‘66 and David Verity ‘58
Carolyn and Raymond Waters ‘58 P
Jacqueline Weber*
Bernice Wenzel
Gloria Werner
Joan S. Zenan ‘65, MLS ‘67
These donors made cumulative cash contributions of $1,000 or greater or cumulative gift-in-kind contributions valued at $5,000 or greater.
Norman Powell ‘59
Nicholas Soultanakis
Arcadia, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin
Janet Morgan
Irving and Helga Cooper Estate
Richard A. Hudson PhD ‘67
The Ahmanson Foundation
Association of Research Libraries
May Chen and Shui-Yin Lo PhD
May Chong ‘79
Adele Morgan
Jennifer Morgan
Lael Morgan
Seth Morgan
Willard Morgan
Lenore and Murray* Neidorf MBA ‘51 P
Marcie Helene Rothman ‘68
Lavinia Boyd
Pamela Burton ‘70, MAR ‘75 P
Ann and William Edwards ‘61
John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation
Devrie Intriligator PhD ‘67
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
Michele ‘79 and Roderick Murphy
Barbara and Leon Rootenberg ‘50
Ellen and Charles Steinmetz MBA ‘77 P
Mary Lou Steinmetz ‘48 P
Cheng She-Wo Memorial Foundation
Jessica Lauren Fleischmann
Martin David Fleischmann
Stephanie Ann Fleischmann
Nora A. Garibotti
Edna and Yu-Shan Han Charitable Foundation
Ludwig Lauerhass Jr. MA ‘59, MLS ‘76, PhD ‘72
Rosemarie Nix*
Patsy MLS ‘64 and Robert Sung P
Joan Zenan ‘65, MLS ‘67
Phyllis ‘62 and Sanford Beim ‘57, MBA ‘89
Claire MBA ‘85 and Robert Bellanti MBA ‘81
Jill and Paul Buckley
Alison MLS ‘70 and Wade Bunting MA ‘71, PhD ‘73
California Community Foundation
W.J. Barlow Fund
Sandra Caruso MA ‘79
Karen and Michael Davidson
Fereshteh and Khossrow Diba P
Lauren Dudley
Estate of Melinda Steep
Valerie and Lee Goldberg ‘85
Hanna and Manfred Heiting
Russell A. Johnson MA ‘83, MLS ‘93
Kara and Nils Morgan
Laurie Fendrich and Peter Plagens
Mark Edward Pollack ‘82
Michael H. Rosove MD ‘73
Ryma and J. Marvin Spiegelman ‘48, MA ‘51, PhD ‘52
Edith Stern P
Buddy Taub Foundation
Jean and Herman Tiano
Shoghig Koushakjian and Vatche Vorperian
Pat Walter
Stefi Weisburd and Kevin Malloy
Gloria Werner
Winston Wilde
Alona and Louis Wilson MA ‘72, PhD ‘80
Terry Wolverton
Jianhua Wang and David Wu
Amy Blum-Herkenhoff
Edythe and Eli Broad
Adele Clark ‘51
Richard B. Davidon
Katharine ‘65, MLS ‘69 and Julian Donahue
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
R.B. Kitaj Studio Project
Hollis Gale Lenderking ‘71
June ‘66 and David Lewin MBA ‘67, PhD ‘71 P
John Edward Matthews ‘81
Janet ‘65, MLS ‘66 and Henry Minami Jr.
Cynthia and David Mirsky P
Katharine Stoever ‘57
Carolyn and Gary Strong
Deborah and Lee Walcott Jr.
California Community Foundation Sara and Harold Lincoln Thompson Fund
Amy and Eric Chen ‘95
Carol and James Collins ‘50 P
Adelaide and Ian Coulter
Roxana Diba ‘96, MS ‘98
Cathie and Gordon Dixon ‘68, DDS ‘75 P
Donna ‘01 and R. Stephen Doan ‘71, JD ‘74 P
Nicole Dunn and Chris Wolski
Julia E. Dupree
Sharon Farb MLS ‘91, PhD ‘06 and Nancy Luca
Patricia and Stu Farber ‘57, EDD ‘73
Jonathan Adam Friedman ‘73
Reza Ghanian ‘87 P
Seraphina Renee Goldfarb-Tarrant ‘10
Randi and Jerome Greenberg ‘78 P
Catherine Hawkins ‘57
Lynne Pettler Heckman ‘71 and James Heckman
Elizabeth Ann Hoage ‘66, MLS ‘67
Ruby M. Hori ‘48
Lynn Hunt and Margaret Jacob
Mildred and Sidney Jones ‘56 P
Kenneth Karmiole MLS ‘71
San Oak MLS ‘64 and Chung Kim MA ‘64, MS ‘66
Stephanie ‘89 and Mark Kimura
Gwendolyn Jean Kincy P
Jody E. Kreiman
Virginia and Lawrence Kruger P
Kavitha Raman and Batlagundu Lakshminarayanan P
Leeanne and Gary Lang P
Stephen Oliver Lesser ‘61
Susan and Phillip Lindsey ‘95
Bea ‘61 and Leonard Mandel P
Jeffrey L. Marr
Warren Lee Marr
Jane and Matthew McGuire P
Virginia Miner
Sue Missimer ‘50
Herb Morris ‘51 P
Order of the Blue Shield
Karen Orren and Stephen Werner
Rue ‘53, MA ‘54 and Benjamin Pine ‘58
Ronda and Fredrick Rose ‘59 P
Marvin Rubinstein ‘53
Ruth and David Sabean P
Peggy and Nels Satterlund P
Lynn Schenk ‘67
Ruth M. Simon ‘58
Amy Smith and Robert Simon
Mary Margaret Smith ‘48 P
Anne-Marie MBA ‘78 and Alex Spataru ‘70, MBA ‘79
Ginny Steel and Douglas Stewart
Sheila Frances Thornton MLS ‘65
Lynn and Roger Tomalas ‘69
Amy and Donald Tsiang
University of Utah
Rosine Vartanian MLS ‘71
Scott L. Waugh ‘70 P
Marion ‘50 and Bob Wilson ‘53
Two Anonymous Donors
* indicates donor is deceased
P indicates that donor is a UCLA parent