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Library Map Reproduction


Self-service copy machines and scanners can be used for maps in the open collections on the A-level of the Charles E. Young Research Library (YRL). Copy machines will take up to legal-size paper but cannot print color. Scanners will take up to letter-size paper.

Larger Copies and Scans

Larger copies and scans, as well as reproductions of historical maps, can be made by two outside vendors. When requesting such a reproduction, please take note of the following provisions:

  • A Library staff member must review and approve all map reproduction requests. Requesters are responsible for determining the copyright status of all items and obtaining any permissions needed before reproduction.
  • The Library charges fees for collection-related services. Fees must be paid in US currency, either online with a credit card or by check payable to the University of California Regents. California residents must add 8.75% sales tax.
  • UC users include UC faculty, staff and students. UC user fees apply to university-directed research only. Services and materials for outside research will be charged at the non-UC rate.
  • Payment in full is required before orders can be picked up. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for orders estimated to cost $50 or more. Some jobs must be sent to an outside vendor; see below for more details.

Outside Vendors

Color Digital Reprographics

Color Digital Reprographics can be reached at (310) 201-0300. The requester must contact the company to initiate an order. Company staff will need to know the number of items, each item's size and the type of reproduction required. The requester will also need to provide the following pick-up location:

Maps and Government Information
Charles E. Young Research Library
A1540 Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA

Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF)

The SRLF(opens in a new tab), located on the UCLA campus, can be reached at (310) 206-2010. The requester must contact the facility to initiate an order. SRLF staff will need to know the number of items, each item's size and the type of reproduction required. The items will be transported to the SRLF as part of the Library’s routine daily pick-ups and deliveries to the facility.

Outside Vendor Fees

Color Digital Reprographics and SRLF set their rates depending on the services requested. Requesters are responsible for contacting the chosen vendor to place orders and must pay the vendor directly. The Library applies the following cost-recovery charges:

  • Production fee: waived for the first ten maps, then $33 per map for UC users or $45 per map for non-UC users
  • Research fee (if applicable): waived for the first half hour, then $53 per hour for UC users or $72 per hour for non-UC users

Additional UCLA Map Reproduction Services

Policies on this page apply to the Henry J. Bruman Map Collection in the Research Library. For reproduction of atlases and maps at other locations, consider the following options:

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    Print, Copy, Scan

    Check out our options for self-service printing, scanning and copying of materials in campus libraries.
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    Library Special Collections e-Delivery and Duplication

    Learn how to access Library Special Collections materials digitally from anywhere in the world.
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    SRLF Imaging Services

    For digitization of maps held by the SRLF, check out their website for additional information, pricing and a link to their inquiry form.
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    Document Delivery

    Library patrons who wish to view print materials from anywhere in the world can utilize our document delivery service.

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