Virtual Screening Room: False Faces

Thursday, Sep 17, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Film still from False Faces (1932)

UCLA Film & Television Archive Virtual Screening Room

False Faces (1932)

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We first meet Dr. Silas Benton (portrayed by director Lowell Sherman as an affectless sociopath), extorting money from a poor immigrant family for deceitful medical guarantees. Dismissed from his post at a New York hospital, Benton relocates to Chicago and promotes himself to the idle rich and famous as the doyen of nip-and-tuck. Utterly indifferent to his trail of human wreckage, Benton dallies promiscuously with every woman in sight and gorges himself with riches gleaned from his outlaw surgeries. His ultimate comeuppance is designed to leave the picture audience agog and cheering.

b/w, 81 min. Director: Lowell Sherman. Screenwriter: Kubec Glasmon, Llewellyn Hughes. Cast: Lowell Sherman, Peggy Shannon, Lila Lee. 

Preserved by the UCLA Film & Television Archive with funding provided by The Packard Humanities Institute.

The screening will be introduced by Head of Preservation Scott MacQueen of the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

Film still from False Faces


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