R Workshop Series: Spring 2020 (Online)

Friday, May 1, 2020 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
DSC Zoom https://ucla.zoom.us/my/ucladatascience

See the workshop website for setup & syllabus details: https://ucla-data-archive.github.io/2020-04-10-ucla/
Workshop location: https://ucla.zoom.us/my/ucladatascience

This is a workshop series in R on four Fridays starting April 10 and continuing through May 1. We will begin with a refresher and introduction to R covering the basic syntax and usage of the language. Then we'll continue into the fundamentals of data cleaning and preparation in R. This will be followed by a session on data visualization using R's ggplot2 package. Finally, we'll teach you how to write a dynamic document in R using a tool called RMarkdown. All this will be delivered online via Zoom.


  • 4/10 - Day 1: Intro/Refresher  - Kristian Allen & Jamie Jamison
  • 4/17 - Day 2: Data cleaning - Kristian Allen & Jamie Jamison
  • 4/24 - Day 3: Data viz - Leigh Phan & Tim Dennis
  • 5/1 - Day 4: How to write a report / dynamic doc creation (R Markdown) - Tim Dennis, Jamie Jamison, Leigh Phan and Kristian Allen