Program 2: Black Echoes and Imperatives

Presented by the Hammer Museum and the UCLA Film & Television Archive
Friday, Mar 10, 2023 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Billy Wilder Theater
trees with large group of birds flying overhead against blue background

In-person: artist Cauleen Smith, program curator Steve Anker, independent curator Jheanelle Brown, UC San Diego Professor Alena Williams.

Admission is free. No advance reservations. Free tickets must be obtained on a first come, first served basis at the box office, where seating will be assigned.

A program of nine films that circle around urgent Black voices both real and imagined, ranging from the present to the past and from renowned political activists to artistic visionaries. Included are one of Cauleen Smith’s earliest and best-known films Chronicles of a Lying Spirit (by Kelly Gabron) (1992); the poignant and elegiac Crow Requiem (2015); the redolent utopian testament Pilgrim (2017); the astonishing interventionist Space is the Place - A March for Sun Ra (2011); and 3 Songs About Liberation (2017), Human 3.0 Reading List Biblio (2015-16), Sine at the Canyon & Sine at the Sea (2016), The Name You Trust in Good Clean Family Fun (2011) and T Minus Two (2010).

Digital, color/b&w, total running time: approx. 67 min.

Part of: Cauleen Smith—In Space, In Time

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