Open Access: Gamified

Friday, Oct 25, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:30pm

Do you love board games, scholarly communication, and open access? Or do you have no idea what these words even mean? Either way, we’ve mashed them all together in this fun event that we’re calling Open Access: Gamified.

Be among the first people in the world to play The Game of OA (Open Access) UCLA Library Edition! We’ve taken the best elements of your favorite roller coasters and board games and tossed in a few challenges unique to scholars. Learn about open access, scholarly communication, and research and publication tools. See if you’re a winner in this game of life in Academe.

Try your hand at Scholarly Snakes and Ladders. Discover how this open access-themed version of the public domain Snakes and Ladders shakes up your scholarly world. We hope you won’t be bitten by snakes along the way!

Don't forget to visit our activity station for your custom Publication Punch built from our wide array of jelly beans! If you're feeling really brave, go for a spin with Peer Review Roulette. Whatever the outcome, we guarantee the results will be sweet!

Come roll the dice and see if you’re a winner! Join us for Open Access: Gamified!