This Just In: Recently Acquired Gifts and Purchases

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 - 8:30am to Friday, November 6, 2015 - 12:30pm

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An exhibit of some recent acquisitions in the History & Special Collections for the Sciences section of UCLA Library Special Collections is on display at the Louise M. Biomedical Library (4th floor public reading room) through 6 November 2015.

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Dosage Reminders

Remembering to take medicine, even at regular intervals, can be a chore. Entire ranks of pharmacy shelves now carry plastic pill cases and electronic dose-reminder and dose-history gadgets. Here are a few clever gadgets from a century or more ago.

Children’s Books on Health and Medicine

One of half a dozen items on display, Lise og Lasse i Vitaminland (Copenhagen, 1942) is an illustrated story for children in which a boy and girl dream of visiting a land inhabited by anthropomorphic vegetables and ruled by a codfish. The centerpiece is a double-paged depiction of an epic battle between carrots and lollipops.

Water Conservation on the Go

A catalog and price list for the Allen Portable Bath Apparatus (Toledo, ca. 1910) describes a product which allowed for a bath (shower, really) that used only one gallon of water (Hint: “it’s in the apparatus”). The way to perfect health! The accompanying apparatus, with original hoses and brush, appears to have suffered a tough decades-long residence in a barn, garage, or cabin before surfacing on eBay.

More Water for Los Angeles

A small collection of photographs, memoranda, programs, and reports documents medical activities at the Berdoo Camp Hospital (1933-1936), an air-conditioned, 27-bed, class A industrial facility in the Coachella Valley under the direction of Dr. T. Carey Sheridan, supporting construction of the Colorado River Aqueduct in California. Photographs include exterior and interior views of the building and its instrumentation and equipment, the chief surgeon/medical officer and staff of male nurses, and ambulances.

This exhibit is part of an occasional series, “This Just In: Recently Acquired Gifts and Purchases”.

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