Journey from the Fall

Saturday, Oct 22, 2022 - 7:30pm to 9:45pm
two men in jungle environment surrounded by native plants and greenery

Presented by UCLA Film & Television Archive, he UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, the UCLA Center for Musical Humanities and the Sundance Institute.

Part of: Journey from the Fall


In-person: director Hàm Trần, composer Christopher Wong.

Journey from the Fall
U.S., 2006

Set in the aftermath of the Fall of Saigon, Journey from the Fall weaves together stories of a family separated, struggling for freedom. Like many South Vietnamese soldiers at the end of the Vietnam War, Long (played by Long Nguyen) is forced into a punishing Communist re-education camp. As his mother (played by veteran actress Kieu Chinh), wife (Diem Lien), and son make the treacherous escape from Vietnam by boat, Long’s own survival is placed in peril. Director Hàm Trần’s thrilling, award-winning drama, inspired by true stories of refugees, artfully defies the narratives often told about the Vietnamese experience. Aided by Christopher Wong’s powerful score and with a strong ensemble cast, Trần’s Journey from the Fall richly examines the role of memory and family in communities—and a country—built out of resilience.

35mm, color, 135 min. Director: Hàm Trần. Screenwriters: Hàm Trần, Lam Nguyen. With: Long Nguyen, Kieu Chinh, Diem Lien.

Presented as part of Hear + Việt + Film, a Symposium on Music in Trans-Vietnamese Film organized by the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.

Special thanks to our community partner: UCLA Asian American Studies Center.