Anti-Blackness in Western Classical Music

Friday, Mar 5, 2021 - 9:00am to 11:30am
Musician with neon instruments. credit: Unsplash, Spencer Imbrock

Part of the Music Performance Studies Today Series


Image credit: Unsplash, Spencer Imbrock

This panel moves with the current momentum of Black Lives Matter demonstrations and recent conversations considering whiteness in music theory to consider aspects of the panel extend to identifying issues and frames in classical performance, such as biased listening, pedagogy, minuscule representation of concert artists, long-term outcomes of black classical musicians, treatment, and ethics.

Panelists: Philip Ewell (Hunter College of the City University of New York), Darryl Taylor (African American Art Song Alliance), Lucy Caplan (Harvard University), Christopher Jenkins (Oberlin University)

Presented by the UCLA Center for Musical Humanities and the UCLA Music Library, in collaboration with co-organizers Pheaross Graham (UCLA) and Farrah O’Shea (UCLA).

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