Stressbusters at the Science Libraries - Fall 2015

Stressed about finals? Stop by the Science and Engineering Library and the Biomedical Library during tenth week and finals for some relaxing, stress-busting activities!  No RSVP is required but space and supplies are limited.

Also, check out more events at other UCLA Libraries, including therapy dogs, meditation, craft events, and more!

Just in time for Veterans' Day! Sheet Music featuring Women in War

Access to hundreds of pieces of sheet music about women in war is now available.
Library Special Collections’s Sheet Music Collection includes hundreds of songs about World War I and World War II. Many of these songs focus on the role of women during these hard times and document the many ways women have always supported war efforts.  

Crowd-Sourcing the Graphic Covers of Victorian Crowd-Pleasers Event was a Real Crowd Pleaser!

The Tag-a-thon for Yellowback novels from Library Special Collections was a rousing success! There were approximately 65 attendees, mostly a mix of English graduate students and faculty. In the 90 minutes of active tagging, the Flickr site received approximately 49,527 views of the digitized images and all images now have at least a couple of tags each. 

Elsevier Curtails Article Sharing

The major journal publisher Elsevier recently changed its article sharing and hosting policy in ways that severely limit authors’ control of their own intellectual property. Elsevier is the largest publisher of academic journals in the world with nearly 2,500 peer-reviewed titles, and its 2014 profit margin was 37%.

Knovel Academic Challenge

On September 28, 2015, Knovel will be launching a 5-week Knovel Academic Challenge giving instructors the chance to implement real-life engineering and science practices into their curriculum, and immerse their students in a professional problem-solving environment.While working each week’s problem set and utilizing Knovel’s trusted content and interactive tools from within the challenge itself, participants will be competing for points on an individual and institutional level.