NCBI to assist UC Davis in June hackathon

From June 13th to 15th, NCBI will assist the University of California Davis in hosting a biomedical data science hackathon at the School of Veterinary Medicine in Davis, CA, focusing on advanced bioinformatics analysis of next generation sequencing data and metadata. This event is for students, postdocs, investigators and other researchers already engaged in the use of pipelines for genomic analyses from next-generation sequencing data or metadata.*

Paulist Productions at UCLA

Blog post author: Doug Johnson

In 1960, Catholic priest Ellwood “Bud” Kieser founded Paulist Productions in Westwood, with the idea of producing television shows that would communicate Christian values in an engaging and ecumenical manner. He developed the program Insight, which would be syndicated nationwide, enticing broadcasters with free programming that would satisfy the rather vague “public interest” requirement dictated by the FCC.

Third-Year Student Angela Nguyen Discusses the Mental Health Tattoo Art Exhibition in Powell Library

Have you seen the Mental Health Tattoo Art Exhibition currently in the Rotunda? We talked with Angela Nguyen, a third-year psychology student who co-developed and curated the exhibit in addition to contributing her own photo (below), to learn about the inspiration and work that went into the project.

Getting Started with Maps and Timelines for Course Projects

Want to incorporate a map or a timeline into your research paper or project? Looking for a tool that you can use to organize your research or creative work by places or periods of time? There are quite a few different options. Here are a few tools that are great for getting started and exploring the possibilities.

Google My Maps

Google’s “My Maps” feature lets you quickly add simple text and images to a map. You can drop specific points on a map, draw shapes to define regions, and even draw lines to define routes.