Open Access, or, Preservation Requires More Than Paste

UCLA's newspaper, The Daily Bruin, ran a great article this week about open access journal publishing. "GSA's print academic journal Carte Italiane moves online" is a clearly written article about open access publishing and the ways that libraries and universities are working on developing sustainable business models for open access.

Laura Bedford: Internship Report

Today's update comes from Laura Bedford, a Master's degree student in book and paper conservation at the University of Texas, Austin. Third-year students like Laura are expected to complete a nine-month residency under a master conservator, and Laura is working at the Huntington Library with our good friend Holly Moore. Holly arranged for Laura to spend a little time with us so that she could experience work in a different conservation setting.

A Shortage of Cold Weather

Life is pretty hard in Los Angeles. Day after day, week after week, every month, year in and out, the collections and library staff throughout the LA metro area endure pleasantly warm temperatures and moderate humidity. On some days, when our poor sky doesn't even have a cloud to call its own, I can only console myself by taking a walk through the sculpture garden.

Horn Press Tour

We're looking forward to hosting a tour for the Horn Press on Weds, Feb. 17. Our conservator, Kristen St. John will be giving a tour of the Library Conservation Center and afterwards I'll be speaking about the state of things in library preservation and showing photos from a few disaster response projects.

Building a Preservation Program at the UCLA Library

The UCLA Library is one of the nation’s great academic libraries. Its collection of more than 8.5 million cataloged items supports the work of one of our greatest universities, with UCLA ranked at or near the top of almost any metric you could choose. Along with core collections supporting the research and instruction of thousands of students, faculty, staff and community members, it is filled with wonders.