Preserving Bruin Spirit at the UCLA Library Conservation Center

(original text by Madison Brockman, conservation graduate student at Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation)

Summer has officially ended, but with the start of every fall quarter comes the return of a beloved institution – the “Solid Gold Sound” marching band! The band has a long and celebrated history here at UCLA, but did you know that a fascinating relic of this history is preserved in the University Archives?

Children of the Core

The University Archives of UCLA contain an extensive film collection dating as far into the past as 1928, even before the construction of the Westwood campus. Many films cannot be safely projected and seen in their original format due to the fragility of their age, and thus require frame by frame inspection. Some are silent, and some possess magnetic soundtracks that cannot be played on equipment owned by the UCLA Library, so the majority cannot reveal to us their original context unless digitized.

It Was 70 Years Ago Today.... HUAC and the Hollywood Blacklist

blog post by Peggy Alexander

Seventy years ago today, October 20, 1947, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) began hearings into Communist influence in the motion picture industry, the result of which was the Hollywood Blacklist. This post features materials related to these hearings and the blacklist within collections of UCLA Library Special Collections.

Q&A with Dr. Patricia Greenfield, Co-Curator of the "Weaving Generations Together" Exhibit

If you’re heading through Powell Library’s Rotunda and East Rotunda, you might notice a new exhibit that has been installed for the Fall 2017 quarter. It’s pretty difficult to miss; it features multiple seven-foot mannequins and some of the most beautiful hand-woven textiles you’ll ever see. We spoke to Dr. Greenfield to learn a little bit more about her incredible experience in Nabenchauk and the significance of this exhibit.

Up Close and Personal with the Gladzor Gospels

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful illuminations from the Gladzor Gospels magnified in incredible detail.  Part of my job as Loans Coordinator is to make sure our Head of Conservation, Chela Metzger, inspects the physical condition of all items that might go out on loan to other institutions for exhibits.  In this case, Chela was testing the paint consolidation on a few of the leaves from the Gladzor Gospels in preparation for a potential loan in 2018.

Amazing Projects from the Audiovisual Preservation Exchange in Spain

For the past ten years, the Audiovisual Preservation Exchange program has been coordinated by graduate students and professors of New York University’s Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program (MIAP) to foster international collaboration and hands-on preservation projects with a variety of archives and collections.