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UCLA Library Special Collections (LSC) is committed to providing ethical, inclusive and anti-racist descriptions of and about the materials we steward. The Heads of Special Collections at the University of California provide a fuller description of our approach in the Statement on Inclusion and Equity in Special Collections, Archives, and Distinctive Collections in the University of California Libraries. The California Digital Library also provides guidance(opens in a new tab) around access of digital materials and information about historic and ongoing biases in primary resources.

We invite you to submit feedback about materials that would benefit from additional context, how our collections are described and how they could be described more accurately by filling out the form below.

We recognize that some of our content and descriptive terminology is harmful. We are committed to providing additional context and remediating existing descriptions of our materials containing language that may be offensive or cause harm. The LSC Collections Management team will rigorously evaluate all submitted feedback in consultation with the curators responsible for the specified collections. You may remain anonymous or provide your contact information. If you provide your contact information, we will be in touch and transparent about what we have decided. Due to limited staff resources, this may take some time. Please know that we value your input and will study it carefully.

Thank you. This work is important to all of us.