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Holding Seminars in Library Special Collections

Library Special Collections (LSC) welcomes opportunities to collaborate with faculty who wish to engage their students with LSC materials in our seminar rooms. We offer a plethora of rare, stimulating, original materials for students to consult in their research. Instructors are provided with many options that can be tailored to meet their instructional needs.

We are prepared to give students introductions to LSC. Members of our staff are available to advise on a variety of subjects. Instruction also accomodates the size of the class, both in the locations we may use and in the types and levels of interaction we may provide. Instructors may also receive help in designing courses to support a wide range of instructional methods which may include assignments, in-class activities, and applied research methods which involve the unique experience of hands-on interaction with Special Collections holdings.

Past courses that have utilized LSC holdings include:

  • An undergraduate English seminar used LSC materials to explore issues of food production and consumption in Southern California and the effect they  have had on the community. As part of the class, students created a small exhibit of materials to communicate their research.
  • An undergraduate seminar in labor and employment studies used the SEIU-USWW collection to assist a local union in telling their story in an illustrated digital timeline.
  • A graduate geography class showed architectural models to scale, a cloud seeder (a device to make it rain) from the Irving Krick Collection, the diary of Anaïs Nin about Henry Miller, Gabriel Kilgore's Civil War diary, and many other items.

For more information about Library Special Collections instructional services and to request instruction, please contact:

Robert Montoya
Public Services Operations Manager