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UCLA Library Special Collections

Giving to Special Collections

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the variety of contributions that can be made to Library Special Collections. Gift materials have included manuscript collections and personal papers, book collections, photographs, postcards, posters, works of art, and other items. Donors have provided funds to support continued purchases in specific collecting areas as well as funds for processing and cataloging collections. Vital support has also come from groups and organizations such as the Ahmanson Foundation, Annenburg Foundation, Arcadia Fund, Cotsen Foundation, and Haynes Foundation.

Making a Gift of Funds

The department's excellence is a direct result of generous benefactions.

To discuss giving opportunities, please contact:

Susan Parker
Interim Director of Library Special Collections


Library Development
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Making a Gift of Materials

UCLA Library Special Collections accepts gifts of books, manuscripts, and other materials that enrich its existing collections and support the instructional and research programs of the university. Donations will be reviewed by subject specialists in the appropriate field for possible addition to the collections. Gifts accepted are subject to the policies of the Regents of the University of California with the understanding that the university becomes the owner of the material upon its receipt and reserves the right to determine retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations relating to use or disposition. Gifts of manuscripts may involve additional considerations to be discussed between the university and the donor.

The Library may decline to accept certain gifts, including those which are not within the scope of its collections or that do not support the instructional and research programs of the university. Other gifts may not be accepted if they duplicate existing material in the Library's collections or if their condition would require extensive preservation or preparation before they could be added to the collection.

If an appraisal is required for income tax purposes, arrangements for and costs associated with the appraisal are the sole responsibility of the donor. As a matter of policy, the Library, as an interested party, does not appraise gifts intended for it. Donors are encouraged to discuss their donations and appraisals with their attorneys or tax advisors.

To contact Library Special Collections with questions about giving books or manuscripts, please email Susan Parker, Interim Director of Library Special Collections, at sparker@library.ucla.edu.

Contributing Materials to University Archives

The University Archives accepts materials from UCLA administrative offices and departments, academic departments and programs, and related organizations as well as from faculty, alumni, and the general public.

For UCLA Administrative Offices and Departments, Academic Departments and Programs, and Related Organizations

The transfer of non-current files to the University Archives is coordinated with UCLA Records and Resource Management. Information about University of California records retention schedules is available on the UCLA Retention and Disposition Schedules and Policies Web site.

What is a non-current file?
A file that has not been used in the past year or will not be used more than once per year.

How can non-current files that can be transferred to the University Archives be identified?
UCLA Records and Resource Management will provide advice; the office telephone number is 310.794.2600.

Can duplicates/extra copies of items within files be removed?

Should confidential or restricted files be shredded before transfer?
It depends. UCLA Records and Resource Management will provide more information; the office phone number is 310.794.2600.

How often can non-current files be transferred to the University Archives?
There should be at least two linear feet (about two storage boxes) of non-current files before the files are transferred. University Archives will provide boxes.

Should a list of the files in each box be included?
Yes. Emailing the list to the University Archives will also be helpful

What is the contact number when files are ready for transfer?
Call the University Archives office at 310.206.0568.

For UCLA Faculty and Alumni and for the Public

In addition to departmental files, the University Archives also acquires materials from UCLA faculty and alumni as well as from the public. For further information on contributing materials, call 310.206.0568.