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Staff Directory (alphabetical order)

Name, Email Duties Phone Location
Alexander, Peggy
Curator, Performing Arts
Performing arts, music specialties, collection development, outreach, instruction, reference 310.825.3369 A1713 YRL
Bachli, Kelley
Strategic Initiatives Librarian
Special projects 310.206.7633 A1713 YRL
Barnett, Teresa
Head, Center for Oral History Research
Center for Oral History Research, collection development, instruction, advising on campus and community oral history projects 310.206.2454 YRL/COHR
Besser, Kelly
Project Archivist
Archival arrangement and description, reference   Powell LIbrary
Briston, Heather
University Archivist
UCLA history specialty, collection development, intellectual property and privacy issues in collections, teaching, outreach 310.206.0568 A1713 YRL
Buisson, Lauren
Copy Cataloger
Special Collections copy cataloging 310.825.0764 A1713 YRL
Carpenter, Jane
Special Collectons Cataloger
Rare books, artists' books, photograph album, Latin America specialties, special collections cataloging, collection development, reference 310.206.5336 A1713 YRL
Cline, Alex
Senior Writer, Center for Oral History Research
Center for Oral History Research, music, Asian American history specialties, oral history interviewer 310.825.4932 YRL/COHR
Collings, Jane
Principal Editor, Center for Oral History Research
Center for Oral History Research, oral history interviewer, editor, collection processing 310.267.4754 YRL/COHR
Cubé, Caroline
Digital Services Specialist
Online Archive of California; online exhibits, department website, communications, graphic design 310.206.5680 A1713 YRL
Cuellar, Jillian
Head, Center for Primary Research and Training
Center for Primary Research and Training, archival processing, graduate student projects, digital projects 310.206.3266 A1713 YRL
Elliott, Simon
Visual Materials Specialist & Licensing Coordinator
Architecture and photography specialties, reference, licensing 310.206.0580 A1713 YRL
Espino, Virginia
Senior Writer, Center for Oral History Research
Center for Oral History Research, Latina/o history specialty, oral history interviewer, instruction 310.825.1277 YRL/COHR
Fiala, Josh
Copy Cataloger
Special collections cataloging, cataloging operations, reference 310.206.5355 A1713 YRL
Formaker-Olivas, Benjamin
Duplication Services Coordinator
Duplication, digitization services, invoicing, licensing coordination 310.206.0584 A1713 YRL
Fraser, Megan Hahn
Processing Projects Librarian
Project manager, archival arrangement and description 310.206.7752 A1713 YRL
Gonzalez, Gloria
Digital Archivist
Digital archives and collections, digitization 310.825.4784 A1713 YRL
Graham, Julie
Accessioning Archivist
Accessions, archival arrangement and description, reference 310.825.7253 30 Powell
Guerard, Genie
Curator, Manuscripts Librarian
Manuscripts, dance history, art, architecture, artists' books specialties, collection development, instruction, reference, outgoing exhibition loans, literary manuscripts 310.206.0521 A1713 YRL
Jenkins, Julianna
Public Services
UCLA history specialty, reference 310.825.3625 YRL/University Archives
Johnson, Russell
Curator, History & Special Collections for the Sciences
Collection development, instruction, reference, cataloging, public programs 310.825.6940 21564 Biomedical Library
Johnson, Teresa
History & Special Collections for the Sciences Assistant
History and Special Collections for the Sciences, reference and reader services, office administration and management 310.825.6940 21564 Biomedical Library
Jones, Jasmine
Project Archivist
Los Angeles Aqueduct Platform, digital projects 310.825.8136 A1713 YRL
Lawrie, Katharine
Project Archivist
Archival arrangement and description, University Archives record groups 310.206.6203 A1713 YRL
Montoya, Robert D.
Head, Public Services
Management and administration of public services, public services policies and procedures, instruction and outreach coordination, communications, reference 310.206.0584 A1713 YRL
Navarette, Blake
Acquisitions Coordinator
Coordinates department print acquisitions information 310.825.3837 11020 Kinross
Newsome, Cindy
Head, Administrative Services
Fund management, human resources, security, acquisitions, public programs, fellowship administration 310.206.8411 A1713 YRL
Olvera, Octavio
Visual Arts Specialist
Exhibit installation, conservation, reference, digital projects 310.206.0580 A1713 YRL
Parker Ph.D., Susan E.
Interim Director, Library Special Collections
Interim Director, adminstration, management 310.825.1201 11334 YRL
Reyes, Cesar
Reader Services & Post-Cataloging Coordinator
YRL reading room manager, Public Services student supervisor, post-cataloging coordination of rare books 310.206.3122 A1713 YRL
Stevenson, Alva
Program Coordinator
Program management, travel accounting and reimbursements, COHR administrative support 310.825.4932 A1713 YRL
Watanabe-Rocco, Annie
Office Coordinator
Office coordination, supplies management and ordering, payroll, reference and instruction, program support 310.794.4408 A1713 YRL
Wong, Amy
Reference and Technology Services Coordinator
Reference desk coordination, reference email coordination, department TAC 310.206.2181 A1713 YRL