Who Has Access?

To access online journal articles, digital audio reserves, and other electronic reserves materials, you must have an authenticated UCLA connection. This happens automatically if you connect using:

  • Any computer on campus that is part of the university network; this includes all public workstations in libraries, campus computer labs, and university departments as well as laptops connected to network ports on campus (e.g., in the Powell Library Building) or through the campus wireless network
  • Any computer logged in through the Bruin Online (BOL) proxy server

Any computer connecting via commercial Internet service providers (i.e., not BOL) must use the UCLA proxy server. The proxy server will require you to enter your BOL username and password before accessing e-links and other restricted UCLA resources through Internet service providers such as America Online, Earthlink, etc. To use the proxy server, you will need to configure your computer correctly; more information is available on the BOL proxy server web page.