Copyright, Publishing, and Intellectual Property


The following resources provide information about and assistance with intellectual property issues involved in publishing, teaching, and research.


  • Your Rights as an Author
  • Making Your Work More Visible
  • Using Copyrighted Material
  • Understanding Your Publisher
  • NIH Public Access Policy
  • News


  • Fair Use and Copyright Permission
  • Public Domain
  • Reserves
  • Coursepacks and Textbooks
  • Course Management Systems and Copyright
  • Teaching Students about Copyright and Academic Integrity
  • Archiving and Publishing Student Work
  • News


  • Policies Related to Research
  • Patents, Software, Open Source
  • Intellectual Property and Data
  • Fair Use and Public Domain
  • Storing and Preserving Data and Unpublished Research
  • UC Policies on Ownership of Faculty Work
  • Research on Research Impact

Data Management

  • Grant Requirements
  • Data Management Plans
  • Data Repositories
  • Privacy and Intellectual Property

Learn More

  • Role of Scholarly Societies
  • Faculty Attitudes and Behaviors Regarding Scholarly Communication
  • Timeline/Chronology of Major Events

Get Involved

  • Contact Your Representative: Legislative Actions
  • Editor/Editorial Board Responsibilities, Power, and Possible Actions
  • Faculty Experiences and Responses