Library Prize for Undergraduate Research

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for applications?

The 2014 application deadline is Friday, March 14.

How do I submit an application?

See the application procedure.

Can I see examples of projects that have won in previous years?

Yes, examples of prize-winning essays are available online.

Are group projects eligible?

Yes. Teams should submit a single application for their project; all team members should contribute. If a team wins, the prize money will be split evenly among team members.

What is the difference between major and minor projects?

A minor project might be a paper under twenty pages or a project that took less than one quarter to complete, like an individual class assignment. A major project might be a paper over twenty pages or a project that took more than one quarter to complete, like a capstone or senior thesis. It depends on the discipline, course, and type of assignment.

Where do I specify which prize category I'm applying to?

The prize committee will assign your application to the category or categories they feel most accurately represent it. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email the committee at

Is an honors thesis eligible?

Yes, honors theses are welcomed.

How about a Freshman Cluster paper?

Yes, any undergraduate research project is eligible.

Does it have to be a research paper?

No, projects can be in any format. The judging committee will focus on the use of library resources and the research process, so formats can vary.

Does the research I performed for my project need to have taken place at the UCLA Library?

No, you're welcome to submit a project you completed using any kind of resources, whether it was UCLA Library collections, other library collections, or data you gathered yourself. However, the committee does want to learn how you used UCLA Library resources in your project. Keep in mind that books, articles, archives, technical reports, standards, patents, diaries, images, maps, data, library spaces, and library staff members are all examples of library resources.

I won't finish my project by the prize deadline. Are drafts of papers/projects acceptable?

Yes, you can submit a draft version of a paper or project. However, try to submit as complete a project as possible, and make sure that the essay accurately reflects the entire research process. For judging purposes, the more complete a project is, the better.

Who are the judges for the prize?

The selection committee is composed of UCLA faculty members, librarians, and a peer reviewer; University Librarian Ginny Steele is the honorary chair.

Can I submit more than one project for the prize?

Yes, multiple submissions are accepted. You'll need to complete a separate application and faculty statement of support for each submission.

My paper/project was completed for a course that took place before Spring Quarter 2013. Can I still apply for the prize?

No, only submissions involving papers or projects done for UCLA courses taken during Spring Quarter 2013 or after will be accepted.

I am not a UCLA student, but I took a course at UCLA toward the completion of my degree at my home university. Can I still apply?

No, only registered UCLA students are eligible for this prize. See the eligibility requirements for further details.

I have my bachelor's degree but am taking undergraduate courses at UCLA. Am I eligible to enter?

No, you are considered to have post-baccalaureate status if you have already received a bachelor's degree and are therefore ineligible for this prize. See the eligibility requirements for further details.

I graduated from UCLA but completed my research project during the quarters indicated under eligibility. Can I still apply?

No. Because the award must be processed through the financial aid office, you and all members of your group must currently be registered UCLA students to receive the prize money. See the eligibility requirements for further details.

The faculty member who taught my class is no longer at UCLA. Whose letter should I include?

If you're unable to get in touch with the class instructor, you can submit a letter from the teaching assistant, department chair, or another individual who is familiar with the course. Please include an explanation in your application of whose letter you are submitting and why.

The faculty member who knows the most about my research was not the instructor for my class. Whose letter should I include?

The application must include a letter from the class instructor, if possible, but you can submit an additional letter from someone who knows your research.

My project was written in a foreign language. Do I need to translate it to apply?

No. The essay describing your research strategies must be written in English, but the project itself can be submitted in its original language. However, an abstract or summary in English might be helpful to include.

Is work during a study-abroad program eligible?

Yes, if you were enrolled at UCLA at the time.

If you have further questions, email the prize committee at