Teaching Services
Information Literacy Resources for Faculty and TAs

Are your students able to:

  • Articulate a research question and identify the types of information needed to investigate it?
  • Locate scholarly sources of information instead of relying solely on Google results?
  • Evaluate the information they find, whatever its source?
  • Properly cite and attribute the information they use?

Librarians are ready to help by:

  • Providing research instruction tailored to your course topic and goals.
  • Creating resource Web pages customized for your course content.
  • Collaborating with you to develop information-rich assignments.
  • Teaching students about plagiarism and information ethics.
  • Customizing and teaching one-credit research and information literacy courses to support your courses.

To discuss how best to integrate information literacy into your course; schedule a class session; or talk about issues, solutions, and ideas related to student research skills: