Powell Staff Member Renee Romero talks Science Fiction, Digital Learning, and her Favorite Places to Study


"... Never be afraid to ask questions at a Library. They are full of knowledge, just waiting to be discovered!"

We caught up with Renee Romero, a recent and wonderful addition to the Powell Library staff. She’s also a Class of 2014 UCLA graduate and a Digital Library Federation New Professionals Fellow. Read on to learn more about Renee and her position at the library.

Q: What do you do at UCLA?

A: I am the Online Learning Library Assistant at UCLA. My specific duty is to create online modules to help supplement classroom learning; however, I am also getting to take part in research consultations, tours, outreach programs, and much more!

Q: How did you get involved with DLF and ultimately get the Fellowship?

A: As with many opportunities in life, my involvement with DLF came due to a networking connection. For my final two quarters at UCLA, I worked as an intern digitizing the LAUSD Board of Education records in the Center For Primary Research and Training (in YRL). My supervisor, Digital Archivist Gloria Gonzalez, and Digital Humanities Program Coordinator Miriam Posner, graciously decided to nominate me as a New Professional Fellow. Gloria attended a DLF Forum recently, and thought it would be a good opportunity for me to learn more about digitization and librarianship. I feel very honored that I was chosen as a recipient of the Fellowship.

Q: Favorite Book?

A: I don’t actually have one favorite book, but rather an entire series. I loved the Animorphs series by K. A. Applegate when I was younger, and I believe they will always hold a special place in my heart. Even though they are written for a very young audience, they impart so much information that is relevant to life at any age. They deal with themes of war, change, love, tough decisions, and understanding yourself and others, all while being humorous and clever. I also love science fiction and fantasy, so it didn’t hurt that the main plot line was that earth was being invaded by aliens! 

Q: Favorite place to study on campus?

A: My favorite place to study on campus usually changed depending on my task. For collaborative learning, I loved working in the pods and rooms at YRL. For intensive studying for a midterm or test, I would usually go up into the stacks at YRL, or Night Powell. During finals, my friend and I would essentially camp out on the beanbags in Powell's East Rotunda with snacks, and work for hours. I suppose I have an eclectic study space preference, dependent on my mood as well as my assignment!

Q: Any tips to share with students about the library?

A: Definitely! The Library has so much to offer students. Besides help with research assignments and projects, there are a multitude of opportunities for students to have fun. There are concert performances, dances, awesome book collections (including cookbooks and books about travel), activities to help you relieve stress, and so much more. I really encourage students to stay plugged in with the activities and resources the Library has to offer, because they are all there for their benefit. Also, never be afraid to ask questions at a Library. They are full of knowledge, just waiting to be discovered.