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Reading Room Reference Files

  • Biographical files include F. Kelly James, Jan Popper, Clarence Sawhill, and Arnold Schoenberg.
  • Photograph files include Marching Band and Schoenberg Hall.
  • Subject files include School of Arts and Architecture, College of Fine Arts, and Music Department.


Primary Source Materials

  • Institute of Ethnomusicology. Publications. Series No. 148
  • Library. Music. Publications. 1967-81. Series No. 175
  • Music, Department of. Correspondence Files of Clarence Sawhill.  1963-68. Series No. 316
  • Music, Department of. Correspondence Files of F. Kelly James. 1966-80.  Series No. 317
  • Music, Department of. Correspondence Files of the UCLA Band Office. 1972-80.  Series No. 318
  • Music, Department of. Photographs of UCLA Bands.  Series No. 319
  • Music, Department of. Subject files of UCLA Bands.  1952-81.  Series No. 320
  • Music, Department of. Audio Tapes of UCLA Bands.  Series No. 322
  • Music, Department of. Subject Files of the Music Department.  1954-80.  Series No. 323
  • Music, Department of. Music Scores of the UCLA Bands.  1919- .  Series No. 553
  • Los Angeles Music Festival.  Scrapbooks.  1954-58.  Series No. 537
  • Library. Music Library.  Administrative Subject Files.  1950s- .  Series No. 606
  • Music, Department of. Concert Programs.  1919- .  Series No. 724