University Archives
About the University Archives


The mission of the UCLA University Archives is to identify, collect, arrange, describe, preserve, and provide access to official university records in all formats, including electronic, that document the history of administrative offices and departments, academic departments and programs, related organizations, and activities of faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

In coordination with the UCLA records manager, the university archivist serves as a records consultant and identifies official university records held by administrative and academic offices, departments, and programs.
The University Archives promotes and maintains its designated obligations regarding official university records through partnerships with the:

  • UCLA Office of the Chancellor
  • University of California (UC)¬†Office of the President
  • UC university archivists on all ten campuses

Processed archival records administered by the University Archives are available to anyone. However, priority service is provided to record requests originating from UCLA and UC-affiliated staff, faculty, students, and alumni.