Charles E. Young Research Library

About the Exhibits Program

The exhibits program at the Charles E. Young Research Library presents visually and intellectually engaging exhibits that highlight programs and activities across campus and that link the university to the community at large. Exhibits focus on library collections as they relate to UCLA's academic programs, important conferences and symposia on campus, special teaching objectives, and major events, particularly in the broader Southern California community. The exhibits are designed to appeal to the interests of the UCLA research community, which includes faculty, graduate students, and professional staff; as well as to undergraduates, friends, donors, affiliates, and the general public.

Exhibit contents feature items from the collections of the Research, Arts, Biomedical, College, Management, and Music libraries as appropriate. Exhibit organizers work with library staff to ensure that the contents and installation design are visually interesting.

In general, exhibits in the Lobby Gallery are mounted for one quarter (three months). Intended for shorter-term displays is the wall-mounted East Exhibit Case.