Music Library

Media Room

The media room contains computer, audio and video equipment for the priority use of UCLA students and faculty in the Music Department, the Department of Musicology, and the School of the Arts.

Sound recordings (CDs, LPs, and audio cassettes), videos (VHS tapes, DVDs), multimedia CD-ROMs, and music software are cataloged in the UCLA Library Catalog and may be checked out from the circulation desk for use in the room.

Headphones can be checked out from the circulation desk for audio and video use. Headphones are attached to the computer workstations in the Media Room. You may also bring portable CD players or laptops in to the library for listening.

Six computer workstations (Windows) are available for online reserve listening and viewing of DVDs. Two workstations have both the Finale and Sibelius music notation software installed. A midi keyboard is attached to one of these two machines and the other has a scanner. Reference manuals for the software are in the Music Library reference collection.