Music Library

Guide to the UCLA Music Library Collections

This is a guide to browsing books and scores in the Music Library. Areas in italics are mostly non-circulating. Compact disks and DVDs are behind the circulation desk and not browsable.

Scores: M1 -M2999 Upstairs. Oversize (*, **, and *** ) are downstairs. Miniature scores are downstairs. Scores of the same music have the same call number, regardless of their size.

M 2 Historical sets
M 3 Composers’ collected works
M 6-180 Solo Instrument
M 20-37 Solo piano music
M 40-44 Solo violin music
M 50-54 Solo cello music
M 180-298.5 Two instruments
M 217 Violin and piano
M 240-244 Flute and piano
M 260-261 Trumpet and piano
M 300 Trios
M 312 Piano Trios
M 251 String Trios
M 400 Quartets
M 452 String Quartets
M 500 Quintets
M 556 Wind Quintets
M 557 Brass Quintets
M 600 - M 900 Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets
M 1000 Orchestra music
M 1001 Symphonies
M 1010 Piano Concertos
M 1012 Violin Concertos
M 1470 Chance and electronic works
M 1503 Operas, musicals (vocal scores)
M 1508 Songs from musicals
M 1619 Song anthologies
M 1620 Art songs, Lieder
M 1630.18 American pop songs, fake books
M 2000 Sacred vocal
M 2020 Cantatas (eg. JS Bach) full scores

Books: A-L, ML1-ML99 Upstairs. ML100-Z Downstairs. Theses and dissertations (LD) are in the Seminar Room.

ML 1-5 Periodicals, magazines
ML 27 Music society journals
ML 48 Librettos
ML 100 Dictionaries
ML 102 Dictionaries by topic
ML 128 Topical bibliographies
ML 134 Composer and musician bibliographies

ML 260 Histories by era
ML 275 Histories by country
ML 410 Composer biographies
ML 411 Performer biographies
ML 750 Histories of musical instruments
ML 1400 Vocal music history and criticism
ML 3505 Pop / Jazz history and criticism
MT 6 Analysis and appreciation
MT 40 Composition
MT 50 Harmony
MT 70 Orchestration
MT 95 Opera analysis
MT 170-810 Instrumental techniques, etude books
MT 220-258 Piano methods
MT 820-893 Vocal methods