Giving to the Library
Donating Materials

Information for prospective donors

The UCLA Library greatly appreciates offers of donations of materials that will enrich existing collections and support the instructional and research mission of the university. However, with the increasing availability of electronic resources as well as budgetary and space constraints, the Library has been obliged to adjust its acceptance policy accordingly.

The Library may decline to accept items that:

  • are not within the scope of its collections.
  • do not support the instructional and research programs of the university.
  • duplicate existing holdings.
  • would require extensive conservation.
  • entail donor restrictions the Library cannot honor.

Gifts are accepted subject to the policies of the Regents of the University of California with the understanding that the university reserves the right to determine retention and disposition. Upon acceptance, gifts become the exclusive property of the university. Donations of manuscripts may involve additional considerations to be discussed between the university and the donor.

Gifts valued at $250 or more require a deed of gift, which transfers ownership of the material to the Regents of the University of California. The deed must be signed, dated, and returned before an official acknowledgement can be made.

In addition, donations valued at more than $5,000 require a formal appraisal*, the arrangements and costs of which are the sole responsibility of the donor. The Library may not legally appraise potential donations.

*Per 8283 IRS instructions for gifts of tangible personal property, appraisals must be made not earlier than sixty days before the date of contribution.

Who to contact:

Donors are requested to contact the Library to discuss potential gifts before sending them. Contact appropriate collection development librarians.

Donors will be requested to provide a list of the materials being offered.

For general questions please contact the Gifts Section at 310.794.4019.