Research Help

Research Paper Planner

A 6-week summer session, a 10-week quarter, and even a semester can seem short, so save time!

(Note: The schedule below assumes that you will receive your assignment in
Week 1 or Week 2 of the term. Check with your instructor or your librarian for
advice on adjusting this schedule if you get your assignment after Week 2.)

Step 1 : Get Started

Summer Session (6-week): Week 1
Quarter: Weeks 1-2
Semester (16-week & 18-week): Week 2

Be sure to:

  • Read and understand your assignment
  • What is an academic paper?
  • Try the Road to Research online tutorial
  • English as a second language
  • Use the Assignment Calculator to create your own research schedule

STEP 2: Pick and focus your topic; write a hypothesis or argument

Summer Session (6-week): Week 2
Quarter: Weeks 2-3
Semester (16-week & 18-week): Weeks 3-4