Technology and Learning Center


The Technology and Learning Center's main floor shares the same hours as the Biomedical Library; please refer to the Biomedical Library hours web page.


The main floor, classroom, and side rooms can be reserved for events serving students in partner schools. Reservation requests must be submitted by appropriate staff or faculty; requests from students are not accepted. Please note that the lab cannot be reserved as a meeting spot for regularly scheduled classes.

The classroom offers thirteen stations and one instructor station. The main floor has up to fifty-three stations that can be reserved. Side rooms are for three or fewer people.

All requests must be submitted by email; follow-up phone calls to 310.825.3034 are welcome.

To submit a request, email the following information to

  • Your contact information and contact information for the person teaching/proctoring the event
  • Name and description of the event
  • Date and time of the event
  • Number of participants
  • Link to webpage to display and/or software that must be used
  • Extra equipment (i.e., headphones, heartbeat sounders, etc.)

Please note: With the exception of exams, all student participants in a scheduled event must have their own Technology  and Learning Center computer login account create twenty-four hours prior to the event. Information about setting up accounts is available online.

Event Schedule

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A list of events for our new web interface is currently under construction. In the meantime, please refer to this link for the list of current events at the Technology and Learning Center. Thank you for your patience.