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Accounts/Logging In

How can I use these computers?

You must be eligible and apply for an account in order to log on and use the center computers.

I forgot my password; what do I do?

First, verify that there are no extra spaces in your username or password and that caps lock is turned off. If that doesn't work, see the lab manager or assistant to reset a forgotten password. Note: you will need to provide a photo ID to have your password reset.

I can't log in to the computers on the third floor.

The third floor computers are restricted by school affiliation. You will only be able to log in at your school's designated workstations. The eight machines in the side room are for nursing and public health students only. The other nineteen machines are for medical students only. Review the signs posted on each cubicle to see who can log in to the computer.

I still can't log on; help me?

For issues beyond a forgotten password, you must see the lab manager in the office between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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Computer Issues

Can I install this software at home?

No; all software on center computers is licensed and cannot be copied. BruinOnLine has information about UCLA-licensed software that you can install at home.

Do these computers have sound?

The computers have sound cards but no speakers. The lab assistant can check out one pair of headphones per person; remember to return them to the assistant when you are finished. If no lab assistant is available, you can take a pair of headphones from the return box yourself; return them to the return box when you are done.

I opened a Word file from my email; where did it save to?

When opening and editing an attachment from a mail application, always choose "Save" instead of "Open"; this will allow you to specify the location of the document before you begin editing. If you chose "Open," you will be able to save the document without a save dialogue box appearing, but the file will be saved in a temporary location where you may not be able to retrieve it.

Where can I save documents I'm working on?

All documents need to be stored on portable media or in your "My Documents" folder. You cannot save documents in any other location.

Why can't I disconnect my USB jump drive?

Because of user restrictions, you cannot right click or double click on the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the taskbar. To unmount the drive, single-left-click on the icon and choose "Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device."

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Software Issues

Can I install this software at home?

No; all software on center computers is licensed and cannot be copied. BruinOnLine has information about UCLA-licensed software that you can install at home.

Can you help with EndNote problems?

The center's staff does not support EndNote and cannot help you if you don't know how to use the program. However, information on using EndNote is available on the Library website.

Do you have STATA and SAS?

These programs are available on every computer in the center. STATA is limited to twenty-five users at one time.

Where is SPSS installed?

SPSS is available on computers 33-63 in bays four and five.

How do I open files in SAS?

If you have problems opening a file in SAS, this is because it runs on a remote server.

To open a file on your USB flash drive: SAS needs the correct syntax to be able to "see" your flash drive. If your flash drive is E:, then switch out E: with the following text: "\\tsclient\E\". Note there is no ":" in the command.

For example, let's say your file is:


In SAS it should look like:


To open a file in your "My Documents" folder: Click the "Favorite Folders" icon in the Explorer section on the left-hand side of the SAS window.

Please ask the help desk if you need assistance with SAS.

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Where are the restrooms?

On the first floor: After entering the library, head to the right toward the sign that reads "Current Journals"; restrooms are on the right, where the wall is painted blue.
On the second floor: In the hallway at the stacks-side entrance. Restricted to lab users only; ask for the key at the help desk.
On the third floor: Take the stairs immediately to the right after entering the library to the third floor, then go through the door on the third-floor landing.

Where are you located?

The Technology and Learning Center is on the second floor of the Biomedical Library. After entering the library on the first level, go up the stairs immediately to the right or take the elevator to the sixth floor. For the graduate reading room, continue up the stairs to the third level.

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Can I eat lunch in the lab?

No food or drink are allowed in the lab. The only exceptions are the UCLA Library-approved mug or sealable drink containers.

Do you provide office supplies?

The center provides basic supplies such as tape and paper clips, along with tools including as a heavy-duty stapler, paper cutter, and three-hole punch. Items such as envelopes or manila folders are not provided. Please see the lab assistant if supplies are running low or equipment is broken.

How do I enter from the stacks entrance?

After entering the Biomedical Library on the first floor, walk past the information desk and turn to your left. In the next room, you will see an elevator with blue doors. Take the elevator to the sixth floor, and you will see the entrance to the lab.

Is there a phone I can use?

There is a campus phone in the entrance from the stacks, near the drinking fountain.

What if I'm having a problem with the computers on the third floor?

The center maintains the computers in the large third-floor reading room; see the staff in the center office if you have any problems. Note: the eight machines in the side room are for nursing and public health students only. The other nineteen machines are for medical students only; if you are not a member of the either group, you will not be able to log in. Review the signs posted on each cubicle to see who can log in to the computer.

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How do I use the printers?

After choosing File>Print in your application, you will see a pop-up window asking for a Username, Job Name and Password, which can be anything you want. After entering this information, go to either print station and swipe your BruinCard, and a list of jobs will appear. Choose your job, enter the password, and your BruinCard will be charged $0.11 per page.

How do I get money on my BruinCard?

You can either use the cash-to-card machine located near the circulation desk on the first floor or go to the BruinCard website to make a deposit.

Where is the printer for print station two?

In order to keep noise to a minimum during large exams, sometimes print station one is taken offline and print station two is moved to the classroom. To print, you must use the computer at print station two as you would normally, but you will pick up your print job in the classroom.

Which printer do I use?

You can use either print station to release your print job.

Why do I keep getting a "PCL XL error" page when I print?

The printer driver is detecting corruption in your source document. Your best option is to try different methods of printing the document. Try:

-Printing the document to PDF, then printing the file from Adobe Acrobat.

-Opening the file in another program, then printing from there. Example: Open an MS Word file in Notepad.

-Copying and pasting the text into a new document. Try "Paste Special" and copy Unformatted Text.

If none of these works, you should try printing somewhere else. Ask the help desk for a lab courtesy card so you do not lose money trying to print your document.

My print job messed up; can I get a refund?

The center does not manage the printers and cannot issue refunds. To seek a refund, contact Library Reprographics at 310.825.9905.

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Can you help me set up my laptop/PDA?

Center staff members do not support any equipment that is not part of the lab; this includes laptops, PDAs, and any related devices. While they will try to answer your questions, you should contact your department for any hands-on assistance. Computer repair is available at the UCLA Computer Store in Ackerman Union and the Student Technology Center on the Hill.

Is there wireless in the center?

The entire Biomedical Library is outfitted for BruinOnLine wireless network access. To use this connection, you must open a browser window on your laptop or device and authenticate using your UCLA Logon ID and password.

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