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Shelving Locations by Subject

The online guide to shelving locations by call number gives more specific information about where items are shelved; use the UCLA Library Catalog or the Melvyl Catalog to find call numbers for specific titles. Note that a subject may be found in more than one call number area.


Subject Call Number
Allergy WD 300
Anatomy (animal) QL 200
Anatomy (human) QS
Anesthesia WO 200
Bacteriology QW
Biochemistry (animal) QD 500
Biochemistry (human) QU
Biochemistry (plant) QK 861
Biology QH 300
Botany QK
Cardiovascular System WG
Chemistry QD
Dentistry WR
Dermatology WR
Education L
Embryology QS 605
Endocrine System WK
Gastrointestinal System WI
Genetics QZ 50
Geriatrics WT
Gynecology WP
Histology QS 504
History of Medicine WZ
Hospitals WX
Immunologic Diseases WD 300
Immunology QW 500
Infectious Diseases WC
Lymphatic System WH
Mathematics QA
Medical Profession W
Medicine WB
Metabolic Diseases WD 200
Microbiology QW
Musculoskeletal System WE
Mycology QW 180
Neoplasms (Cancer) QZ 200
Nervous System WL
Nursing WY
Obstetrics WQ
Ophthalmology WW
Orthopedics WE 168
Otorhinolaryngology WV
Parasitology QX
Pathology (animal) SB 810
Pathology (human) QY, QZ
Pathology (plant) QK 918
Pediatrics WS
Pharmacology QV
Physics QC
Physiology (animal) QP
Physiology (human) QT
Physiology (plant) QK
Psychiatry WM
Psychology BF
Public Health WA
Radiology WN
Bacteriology QW
Respiratory System Q
Science (general) QU
Biochemistry (plant) QK 861
Surgery WO 300
Toxicology QV 600
Urogenital System WJ
Veterinary Medicine SF
Virology QW 160
Zoology QL