Subject Guides in the Health and Life Sciences

Resources in Human Biochemistry and Nutrition: Web Resources

For information on finding additional Internet resources, see Searching for and Evaluating Web Resources.

  • The Alternative Medicine Homepage
    This site is a good starting point for sources of information on unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, or alternative, complementary, innovative, integrative therapies. Includes links to associations and organizations; government resources; practitioners; directories; schools; training and licensure information; and sites dealing with diet, nutrition, and lifestyle interventions; herbal medicine; and individual conditions and disorders.


  • American Dietetic Association Home Page
    This well-organized web site provides nutritional FAQS, a collection of resources on nutritional topics, information about special promotions in the areas of nutrition and diet, and can assist a user in locating a registered dietician. With nearly 65,000 members, the American Dietetic Association is the nation’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. ADA’s commitment to helping people enjoy healthy lives brings the Association into the forefront of five critical health areas facing all Americans: obesity, including prevention of childhood obesity; complementary care and dietary supplements; retail food practices; genetic research; and biotechnology.


  • The American Society for Nutrition
    The American Society for Nutritional Sciences (3,500+ members) is the premier research society dedicated to improving the quality of life through the science of nutrition. The Society fulfills its mission by fostering and enhancing research in animal and human nutrition and providing opportunities for sharing, disseminating, and archiving peer-reviewed nutrition research results (at its annual meeting and in its official publications, the Journal of Nutrition and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition). A link to the journal is available on the page as well as links to nutrition-related professional organizations, position papers, and press releases.


  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2005, 6th edition
    An U.S. Department of Agriculture site, the Dietary Guidelines provide the basis for Federal nutrition policy and nutrition education activities. Specifically, the Guidelines provide advice for healthy Americans, ages two years and over, about food choices that promote health and prevent disease. Resources include PDF formats of the guidelines and a consumer pamphlet, plus background and related information, historical perspectives, and international dietary guidance links.


  • Food and Nutrition Information Center
    One of several information centers at the National Agricultural Library, Agricultural Research Service, and USDA. FNIC serves as a starting point for research into nutrition information. Includes a long list of topics, and sections on dietary supplements, dietary guidelines, the food pyramid, food composition, and a consumer corner.


  • The Natural Pharmacist
    This site provides access to the TNP Natural Health Encyclopedia, which contains extensive, science-based information on health conditions, their natural remedies, and drug interactions.


  • David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA Nutrition Education Web Site
    Contains links to web sites on health, food and nutrition—many produced by government agencies. Links to associations and organizations of interest to the health professional are also included as well as a section on children’s nutrition sites. The section on specialized information sources offers links to sites that discuss nutrition as it relates to allergy, diabetes, and colitis as well as a site for people interested in eating a vegetarian diet.


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