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Comparing Life Sciences Database Features

This table summarizes features found in databases widely used in the life sciences.

  BIOSIS Previews Web of Science/ Knowledge Zoological Record PsycINFO
Subject scope Biology (e.g., botany, zoology, microbiology), agriculture, ecology, medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry, biophysics, bioengineering, biotechnology Wide multidisciplinary coverage of the sciences and social sciences All aspects of zoology, including behavior, genetics, ecology, evolution Psychology, psychiatry, education, business, medicine, nursing, pharmacology, law, linguistics, social work
Format scope Journal articles, book chapters, meeting publications, conference proceedings, patents Journal articles, reviews, corrections, discussions, letters, meeting abstracts Journal articles, newsletters, books, reviews, conference proceedings Journal articles, conference proceedings, books, reports, dissertations
Years covered 1926-present Science Citation Index: 1900-present;
Social Sciences Citation Index: 1956-present;
Arts and Humanities Citation Index: 1975-present
1864-present 1806-present
Default search Phrase Phrase Phrase Phrase
Truncation symbol(s) * (any group of characters);
? (single character)
* (any group of characters);
? (single character)
* (any group of characters);
? (single character)
Types of searches available Topic, author, title, address, keyword, Boolean, exact phrase Topic, author, title, address, keyword, Boolean, exact phrase, words in same sentence Topic, author, Boolean, descriptor Exact phrase, all of the words, any of the words
Search options Author, Title, Journal, Address, Taxonomic Data, Major Concepts, Concept Code/Heading, Chemical and Biochemical, Meeting Information, ISSN, ISBN Full, Easy, General, Cited Reference, Topic, Author, Title, Address, Advanced, Combine Search Sets, Open History Author, Source, Descriptors Advanced Search, Browse Indexes, Thesaurus Search, Search History/Alerts, Explode
Limits English, date, document type Dates, database, language, document type Document type, language, year, ISSN, ISBN Latest update, journal articles only, English only, dates
Link to UCLA collections UC-eLinks UC-eLinks UC-eLinks UC-eLinks
Print, email, download results Yes Yes Yes Yes