Research Help

Citation Management Software

Library staff members can answer questions about how to use citation management software such as EndNote in conjunction with article databases and the research process. However, they do not provide basic information on how to use software or technical support for it; contact the software vendor for assistance.

To schedule an appointment or request more information, fill out the online form.

Getting Started

There are serveral citation management programs to choose from. The Biomedical Library has created a handout documenting the various options for software installed and web based citation managment programs.

The UCLA Library has also created an EndNote Research Guide that includes basic instructions on importing references, manually inputting references, using the Cite While You Write feature and other helpful tips.

The following tutorials providing an introduction to getting started with EndNote, and the EndNote Web site also contains useful information.


Additional Information

  • Connection Files: The library recommends that users do not connect to an article database via EndNote or other citation management software because it will result in the loss of the database's unique searching capabilities and may affect search results adversely. Instead, go directly to the article database, perform the search, and import the citations using the appropriate import filter available on the EndNote Web site. Change the sort by option to database and click on the re-sort files button to sort the list of imported files by database name. For users who nevertheless want connect to a database via EndNote, EndNote connection files are available online.

  • Using Citation Management Software with UC-Licensed Databases